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ENTEC with ammonium stabiliser DMPP

ENTEC with ammonium stabiliser DMPP

Nitrogen compounds are subject to constant transformation and leaching processes in the soil. The optimal adaptation of nitrogen fertilizers to the current needs of plants is a key success factor for yields and quality. With ENTEC fertilizers of Entec based Novagran Blends, the transformation of ammonium nitrogen into nitrate is delayed. The release of nitrogen is thus adapted to the plant’s needs and the fertilizer functions more efficiently.

More in detail

In the soil, ammonium is transformed by bacteria via nitrite into nitrate. This transformation (nitrification) may take hours or days, depending on the properties of the soil and the temperature. Therefore, regardless of the form of nitrogen applied as a fertilizer, almost exclusively nitrate is available to the plant root.

This rapid transformation is slowed down through the use of an ammonium stabiliser. An ammonium stabiliser is a substance that delays nitrification. With ENTEC, nitrification is prolonged by up to ten weeks. The transformation into nitrate is continuous, depends on the temperature and is thus automatically adapted to the growth of the plant. During this period, the nitrogen is protected from leaching, being washed away and gaseous losses.

Novagran Blends with ENTEC

When a slow releasing nitrogen fertilizer is needed in combination with any other desired compound, ask Triferto for a Novagran Entec Blend. Not only does this mean variations in the ratio of nitrogen, phosphate, potassium, magnesium and sodium. The trace elements copper, cobalt and selenium can also be added. In this way you spread these essential elements in a single operation - and you only need small quantities. This prevents unnecessary ruts in the soil and does not waste any time and money. By the way, you also benefit from the nitrification effect of ENTEC.