FertiFlow. Customised blend of nitrogen and sulphur

FertiFlow is a unique line of liquid fertilizers with a balanced blend of nitrogen and sulphur. Through the addition of nitrification or urease inhibitors, FertiFlow delivers maximum nitrogen efficiency, resulting in optimal crop yield and good nutritional value. FertiFlow is custom-blended on the basis of crop and soil characteristics. This means that the nitrogen in FertiFlow is present in different combinations of urea, ammonium, and nitrate. Sulphur is also added in a balanced ratio.

FertiFlow range

  • FertiFlow Blue; suitable for field sprayers and spoke-wheel injectors. Enriched with nitrification inhibitor PIADIN, which reduces the risk of nitrogen leaching due to excessive precipitation in spring.
  • FertiFlow Green; suitable for field sprayers. Enriched with a urease inhibitor (NBPT), so more nitrogen remains available for crop growth.
  • FertiFlow Terra; suitable for field sprayers or spoke-wheel injectors. Enriched with humic acids, so more phosphate, potassium and magnesium are released and become accessible to be taken up by plant roots.

FertiFlow is suitable for:

Pasture Land

Why FertiFlow?

  • Largest inline mixing plant for liquid fertilizers in the Benelux region
  • Nitrogen, sulphur, phosphate and potassium in liquid form, custom-blended
  • Free from contamination; loaded via a high-tech filter
  • Precisely blended into a customised formula for any crop
  • Delivery by specialised transport, equipped with a compressor and/or unloading pump

FertiFlow storage and transfer

  • Unloading into own tank storage possible
  • Storage in multi-box IBCs (1,000 litres) possible; equipped with a drain valve 
  • Filling of multi-box IBCs (directly from tanker semi-trailer) possible

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