HUMICoat. More phosphate for initial growth in maize.

The area permitted for fertilizing maize with phosphate is increasingly restricted by national manure policy. Yet good availability of phosphate immediately after sowing is very important indeed for reducing the risk to cultivation and boosting the development of the maize germ. That is why there is HUMICoat, a technology developed by Triferto that allows any type of granular fertilizer to be coated with humic and fulvic acids. Administering nutrients from granular fertilizers (such as phosphate) to the soil in combination with this HUMICoat enables them to be absorbed better by the crop and prevents unwanted (phosphate) fixation. The result is a higher return on your investment in fertilizers.

Why HUMICoat?

  • Higher phosphate, potassium and magnesium utilisation
  • Activates soil life
  • Stimulates the germination of seeds
  • Improves young growth (initial crop growth phase) with a larger and more active root system
  • Maximum crop growth with a greater return on investment

HUMICoat is suitable for:


HUMICoat storage and transfer

  • Bagged product

  • Big bags


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