Novurea: maximum return on your nitrogen investment

Novurea is a granular fertilizer containing 46% stabilized nitrogen (N). The Novurea-S variant contains 38% nitrogen as well as 18% sulphur (SO3). The green granules are treated with a urease inhibitor, keeping unwanted nitrogen loss to a minimum. In addition, urea is converted into ammonium (NH4) and nitrate (NO3) gradually, making it better suited to the needs of pasture land. This significantly reduces the risk of unwanted nitrate leaching or nitrate accumulation in the crop. The result? More textured grass full of protein, thanks to more efficient use of nitrogen.

Why Novurea?

  • Significantly more protein in grass
  • Up to 10% lower fertilization costs
  • Lower storage costs, high concentration of nitrogen (N)
  • Reduced labour, logistics and transport volume
  • More hectares covered more efficiently
  • Also ideal for second and third application

Novurea is suitable for:

Pasture land

Novurea storage and transfer

  • Novurea can be delivered in bags ranging from 25kg up to 1 200kg big bags
  • Novurea is also suitable for storage in silos
  • A 10-tonne silo can accommodate 7.5 tonnes of Novurea

Novurea spreading charts

It is important to spread Novurea well to ensure the quality and yield of the crop. Spreading stripes indicate that parts of the plot have received too much or too little fertilizer. This can result in crop damage, loss of yield or lodging. The optimum spreading setup is therefore important. On our Services page you will find an overview of the spreading charts of the leading fertilizer spreaders.

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