Small quantities of trace elements are an excellent coating for fertilizer granules. It is also possible to treat a urea granule with a urease inhibitor (liquid).

Blend building blocks with trace elements

Blend building blocks are straight fertilizers to which a relatively high concentration of trace element has been added. Self-blenders like to process these building blocks as a raw material for their own blend, but want to avoid working with pure trace elements for occupational health and safety reasons. Tracecoat fertilizers offer a solution. Thanks to the unique coating formulation, these trace elements remain attached to the fertilizer granules even during blending, so they are not lost.

Impregnation of fertilizers

Treating urea with a urease inhibitor is also possible, though this requires knowledge and specific dosing techniques. The trick is to fully impregnate the urea granule with a urease inhibitor and to distribute it as homogeneously as possible, while preserving the quality of the granule and its storage properties. We have various impregnation lines, set up for both batch and continuous production.

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