Novagran NPK


Novagran NPK. Blended fertilizer at its best.

Fertilizing has now become a science. On pasture land or arable crops you want to apply the right quantities of nutrients and trace elements. Does this mean that you will have to go round with the fertilizer spreader for each element? Not if you use Novagran. With this unique line of blended fertilizers you can spread all the required nutritional elements in a single operation in the perfect ratio, avoiding unnecessary tracks and saving time and money. In addition to the ratio of nitrogen, phosphate, potassium, magnesium, calcium and sulphur, you can also vary the ratio of the trace elements copper, cobalt, boron and selenium. Novagran blends turn fertilization into a precise science!

Why Novagran NPK?

  • Perfect spreading properties thanks to uniform grain size with the same weight
  • Granulated raw materials with high bulk density (>1 kg/l) for good spreading
  • Hard granules that prevent dust formation
  • Perfect ‘running properties’ of fertilizer due to special coating
  • No clumping during storage
  • Can also be blended with trace elements
  • Good spreading and shelf-life guarantee

Novagran NPK is suitable for:


Novagran NPK storage and transfer

  • 25kg up to 1 200 kg big bags can be delivered
  • Suitable for storage in silos
  • Bagged product available on request

Calculate your blend

Want to calculate your Novagran blend? Go to Blendweb and enter your crop requirements. On the basis of the nutrient requirements of the crop, the composition of animal manure and the soil data, Blendweb will calculate the optimal blend for you. The system takes into account the specific customer’s wishes. All recipes will be stored for you.

Novagran NPK spreading charts

Are you looking for the right spreading chart for Novagran NPK? On our Services page you will find an overview of the spreading charts of the leading fertilizer spreaders. Keep in mind the following physical properties for Novagran NPK:

Fraction distribution

80% between 3.3 and 4.47


> 5kg

Bulk density

1100 kg/1000 l

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