Terra-Stabil. Nitrogen stabiliser for slurry based on DMPP

Mineral nitrogen in manure is available as ammonium nitrogen and is converted in the soil into nitrate nitrogen. Nitrate does not bind to soil particles and can easily move and spread through the soil. During heavy precipitation, this nitrate nitrogen disappears into deeper layers of the soil, potentially causing it to be lost as food for the crop. Terra-Stabil stabilises the nitrogen and improves the efficiency of slurry. As Terra-Stabil temporarily halts the conversion of ammonium into nitrate by the Nitrosomonas bacterium, nitrate leaching and nitrous oxide emissions are reduced and nitrogen remains present in the soil as ammonium for longer.

Why Terra-Stabil?

  • Improved nitrogen efficiency
  • Ammonium-N binds to soil particles and does not leach
  • Up to 5% higher dry matter yield
  • Maximum crop growth with a greater return on investment

Terra-Stabil is suitable for:


Terra-Stabil storage and transfer

  • 20 L jerry cans, 32 per pallet (640 litres)
  • 200 L drums, 4 per pallet (800 litres)
  • 1000 L IBCs

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