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NOVU-K, Potassium sulfate

NOVU-K, Potassium sulfate

NOVU-K: Four nutrients in one go. Your new multipurpose fertilizer!

NOVU-K Potassium SulfateNOVU-K is an unique fertilizer because of its multiple content of nutrients, Potassium (14%), Calcium (17%), Magnesium (6%) and Sulfur (48%). All nutrients are present in the form of sulphate, are readily water-soluble and therefore immediately available to the plants. NOVU-K is particularly suitable for Chloride sensitive crops such as potatoes, vegetables , fruits and for crops cultivated under irrigation systems. 

Potassium and water efficiency

Potassium in combination with magnesium ensures that the plant use water in an efficient way, it makes sure that less water evaporates in an unproductive way. Potassium is essential in nearly all processes needed to sustain plant growth and reproduction. Plants deficient in potassium are less resistant to drought, excess water, and high and low temperatures.


NOVU-K Potassium sulphate Sulfur fertility has historically not been a major concern for growers on most soils, as soil organic matter, atmospheric deposition, manure application and incidental sulfur contained in fertilizers have typically supplied sufficient sulfur for crop production. However, reductions in the amount of sulfur contributed by these factors combined with increased sulfur removal with greater crop yields have made sulfur deficiencies more common

The fact that crop deficiencies of sulfur have been reported with increasing frequency over the past several years, greater attention has been focused on the importance of this element in plant nutrition. In many regions in the world S deficiency has been recognized as a limiting factor for crop production. Especially in Western Europe incidence of S deficiency has increasingly reported in Brassica over the last decade.


Calcium is, as other nutrients,  an essential element for the growth of the crop. Calcium is an important element for the structure of cell walls and cell membranes and also as a “second messenger” in many stimulus-response reactions in the plant. High values of Calcium in fruits benefits storage or shelf-life of the yielded product. Due to its optimal calcium magnesium ratio (3/1), NOVU-K will have beneficially effect on the soil structure. 


NOVU-K consists 6% of water-soluble magnesium. This macro-nutrient is part of the chlorophyll in all green plants and essential for photosynthesis. It is removed in significant quantities at harvest of all crops, and an application from NOVU-K will provide a useful input of a nutrient that is frequently overlooked

Novu-K is available as a 2-4 mm granular product that can be applied as a single fertilizer or can be used in blends. Novu-K is an ideal fertilizer to apply alongside straight nitrogen.

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