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The benefits of humic acids

The benefits of humic acids

Farmers have always been concerned about the fertility of their land; however, the very notion of fertility has evolved over the years. The focus on increased yield led to the development of intensive production methods. Farmers are well aware that humus is ensuring the good health of their land.

The active part of humus consists in humic substances: that contains the following soluble compounds: humic and fulvic acids. These substances bond themselves to the clays, to form the adsorbent complexes. Manuring land is effectively supplying it with the humic substances that are indispensable to the formation of the clay-humus complex. But these supplies become inadequate in most crop regions, and it is therefore necessary to turn to other sources of humic substances.

Our experience

The effects of humic substances solutions were studied over a period of several years and applied over thousands of hectares by Triferto. Sophie vervloet (Accountmanager export Triferto) about humic acids:

We have seen that we can achieve a physical soil impact by humic substances applications. We saw soil porosity increase in a number of cases, but perhaps the most important impact was the increase in water retention during dry periods in drought-sensitive soils.

We clearly established that the cation exchange capacity (CEC) greatly increases after the humic acids application. This eventually ended up in the increased nutrients uptake, which they established in nearly all experiments, both in the lab and in the field.

On several plant species, we also observed a spectacular increase in root mass and especially fine hairy roots, which are important to the absorption of nutrients, which probably partially explains the increased nutrients uptake. The greatest benefit was observed with Phosphorus and Nitrogen more than with Potassium. Magnesium and all micro-nutrients were positively affected by the application of humic and fulvic acids.

Triferto's product Humic Acid range:

100% Soluble HUMIC Solid micro is an available in 85% (wt/vol) concentrations of Soluble Humic and Fulvic Acid. Unique due to its excellent water solubility.

Humic Acid 20% (wt/vol), perfectly soluble in liquid fertilizers and crop protection. To be applied by all irrigation (pivot) and fertigation systems.

An unique coating with humic acids, a surface treatment applied to solid fertilizers which modify nutrient availability in the soil.

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