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Potential for HUMIC Liquid

Potential for HUMIC Liquid

Proposals to ensure a sustainable supply of ‘efficient and environmentally-friendly’ fertilizer products for EU farmers were approved by the EU Agriculture Committee last week. A proposal for new rules, for putting fertilizer products on the EU market, for the Internal Market Committee was approved by the Agriculture Committee. HUMIC liquid fits in this thought.

The objective of the new rules is to increase the availability of fertilizers, in particular ones made from a natural extract and organic materials like HUMIC Liquid, on the EU market as a whole. This would bring down the current levels of dependence of the EU on imports of raw materials for mineral fertilizers from abroad. 

The objective - Our answer

  1. To broaden the range of ingredients that could be put into CE-marketed fertilizers, such as including food and feed waste. HUMIC Liquid fits in this thought. It is formulated from plant derived natural deposits of the best peat layers and filtered from high quality drinking water. EU (The Netherlands) origin.
  2. To make plant biostimulants – which have a wide range of plant benefits – eligible for marketing across the EU in order to reduce amounts of fertilisers and to make crops more resistant in the face of climate change. Humic Acids is a soil conditioner formulated to increase the ability of soil to retain nutrients and improve water-holding capacity. HUMIC enhances the soil’s ability to chelate nutrients and to promote exchange of nutrients between plants and the fertilisers being applied.