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Storage and transshipment of fertilizers

Triferto provides in excess of 200,000 tonnes of storage capacity distributed over 11 sites in North West Europe. The tank terminal in Kampen provides in excess of 12,000 tonnes of storage for liquid fertilizers via a 24/7 loading point.

Full service partner in handling of fertilizers

Good storage facilities are required for mineral fertilizers in order to maintain quality and guarantee safety. In most cases, quality recommendations are the same as safety recommendations. Our storage and transshipment services are geared towards maintaining the high quality of the mineral fertilizer granule until the moment of application: i.e., free of moisture, no lumps, no mixing and no dust. Storage capacity for solid and liquid fertilizers is available for our suppliers and our retailers. These storage locations are spread throughout the North West of Europe and can be accessed by water as well as by road. The ports of Ghent, Antwerp and Rotterdam are the biggest platforms of fertilizers of Western Europe. Our warehouses close to these ports give us a lot of assets - inbound and outbound. In our warehouses we are facilitated with bagging lines, blending equipment and prepare them for distribution.