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Coated fertilizers

Knowledge and innovation is at the core of Triferto. Offering the most effective fertilizer options to feed plants more effectively, boost crop performance and enhance the return on growers’ fertilizer investment. HUMICoat and Trace-Coat technology is one of the results we offer.


HUMICoat is a 3-component coating developed by Triferto containing humic acids. By coating the fertilizer granules with high grade humic acids the plant can make better use of the nutrients. HUMICoat is designed to be coated around solid fertilizers. HUMICoat has proven efficacy in improving crop production through improving fertilizer efficiency. Coated onto solid fertilizer, HUMICoat acts to protect applied elements from lockup in the soil, particularly phosphate and trace elements.


Some nutrients are required in large quantities by plants (Major or Macro nutrients) and some in very small quantities (Micro or Trace elements). None the less they are a vital ingredient in growing healthy plants and in turn healthy livestock, high yields and profitable returns. The Trace Coat technology is specially formulated and designed to simplify nutrient management, boost crop performance and maximize farmers’ fertilizer investment. With Trace-Coat technology we offer farmers a tailor made fertilizer blends including trace elements. With Trace-Coat Technology we coat each and every granule of N, P, K or S in a fertilizer blend. This results in homogeneous distribution of the nutrient across the field, close proximity to the plant roots and early plant uptake. Once applied, the trace element will not come off during transport or handling. Homogeneous distribution in the field means more effective fertilization than with traditional granular fertilizers, helping better manage nutrient deficiencies and optimize yield potential.