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Blending of Fertilizers

A blend is a compound of different fertilizers. Application of blends constitutes a useful addition for tailor-made fertilizing on fields. Triferto selects the right nutrients in order to ensure the so-called Novagran quality.

Triferto delivers flexibility for tailor-made fertilizers

Tailor-made mixing of mineral fertilizers creates what are known as blends. This means that products can be supplied in any desired compound. This is how the quality blends, such as the Novagran fertilizers, are put together. Dairy farmers and arable farmers spread all the required nutrients and trace elements as appropriate, in one go. Now that really is efficient fertilizing. Thanks to the uniform granule Novagran fertilizers can be applied accurately with ease. We manufacture tailor-made blends of mineral fertilizers on behalf of end users. We are affiliated to the Dutch Association for Blenders of Fertilizers (N.V.B.). The aim of the association is to provide greater awareness for this environmentally-friendly and effective manner of fertilizing.