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Bagging line for fertilizers

Triferto has 3 bagging units for all kinds of bagged goods for granulated fertilizers. In addition, fertilizers are filled in big bags with 10 big bag filling lines. The bagging units for fertilizers are spread throughout our sites in the Netherlands and Belgium. 

This is what we can offer

Bagging units
Packaging25kg50kg500kg600kg1000kg1200kgNo palletWith pallet
PExx    xx
WPP/PExx    xx
Big Bag  xxxxxx


Flexibility for bagged fertilizers

Our products are delivered in bulk or bagged. Our customers request different types of packaging woven polypropylene bags or polyethylene bags. Bagging up can be done in 25 kilo, 50 kilo and in 600 kg big bags. Small packaging for the private user, large packaging for the professional customer. Not all bags feature the Triferto logo. Customers also request products in packaging with their own logo. This is possible, our bagging machines can process every type of packaging.