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NOVU-K  - Potassium sulphate fertilizer

NOVU-K is an unique fertilizer because of its multiple content of nutrients, Potassium (14%), Calcium (17%), Magnesium (6%) and Sulfur (48%). All nutrients are present in the form of sulfate, are readily water-soluble and therefore immediately available to the plants. NOVU-K is particularly suitable for chloride sensitive crops such as  potatoes, vegetables, fruits and for crops cultivated under irrigation systems. 

Application NOVU-K

It is particularly suitable for nutrient supply to chloride sensitive agricultural, horticultural and forestry crops due to its low chloride content. NOVU-K is available as a 2-4 mm granular product that can be applied as a single fertilizer or can be used in blends. It is often used in combination with straight nitrogen.