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Novagran BlendsNovagran NPK Fertilizer Blends

Fertilizing has now become a science. On your pasture land or arable crops you want to apply the right quantities of nutrients and trace elements. Does this mean that you will have to go round with the fertilizer spreader for each element? Not if you use Novagran. With this unique line of combined fertilizers from Triferto you can spread all the elements in a single operation. In the perfect ratio. In any desired compound

In any desired NPK compound

You can order Novagran in any desired compound. Not only does this mean variations in the ratio of nitrogen, phosphate, potassium, magnesium and sodium. The trace elements like copper, cobalt and selenium can also be added. In this way you spread these essential elements in a single operation - and you only need small quantities. This prevents unnecessary ruts in the soil and does not waste any time and money. 

The blend calculation

The Triferto Blend programme is an advanced technology for calculating Novagran blends and formula management specially developed for Triferto. In each instance, specifications are prepared for the blend to be produced. The optimum blend compound is calculated based on the crop’s nutrient requirement, the composition of animal manure and the soil data. Here, the customer’s own specific requirements are taken into consideration. All formulas are stored by Triferto per customer.

Perfect spreading pattern thanks to uniform pellet

With Novagran blends you put all the nutrients right where you want them. Despite many different components the Novagran fertilizers can be spread perfectly. This is because Novagran is comprised of uniform pellets, of a specific weight. Unlike the blend compounds of simple fertilizers, such as Urea with MOP, the raw materials in Novagran have a comparable pellet diameter and specific weight. Novagran thus behaves like a straight fertilizer.

Addition of trace elements

As well as the key elements, crops also require a number of trace elements (for legislation purposes referred to as micronutrients) for unhindered growth. Often these elements are actually present in sufficient quantities in the soil but at times there can be a shortage. It is possible to add trace elements to Novagran.