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Innovations by Triferto at a glance

Innovation lies at the heart of Triferto’s ambitions. To this end, we gather and cultivate knowledge from our global network and use this locally in order to be able offer the customer an optimum added value.  Here is a selection of our successes.

  • 2008: Dispensation for NPK with humic acids

    Triferto Ghent receives a dispensation for incorporating humic acids in composite NPK fertilizers from the Federal Public Service of Health, Food Chain Security and Environment (Dispensation number EM 062.EB). This gives Triferto an official permission for production of NPK fertilizers with humic acids.

  • 2009: New tank terminal for liquid fertilizers

    In 2009 Triferto built a tank park with storage capacity of 10,000 m3 for liquid fertilizers. The park is situated in the Zuiderzeehaven in Kampen which has direct connections with the international waterways. The site has been set up to supply liquid fertilizers on the Western European market via a fully automated (unstaffed) terminal.

  • 2010: Introduction NBPT treated urea - Novurea

    Triferto launches NBPT treated ureum on the market, under the brand name Novurea. With the addition of NBPT (urease inhibitor) to ureum nitrogen losses due to volatilisation are greatly reduced. This enhances the agricultural value of ureum and reduces the impact on the environment.

  • 2012: New inline mixing unit for blending liquid fertilizers

    Triferto expands its tank terminal in Kampen for liquid fertilizers with an inline blending system. Liquid fertilizers are custom-blended and additives can be added, such as humic acids, trace elements or nitrogen stabilisers.

  • 2013: New fulvic acid out of purified drinking water

    Triferto launches HUMIC on the market, a liquid fulvic acid which is obtained from the production of good quality drinking water. A new source, acclaimed production technology and a technique which accounts for 100% of the reuse of the residual stream which arises when purifying drinking water.

  • 2014: Triferto launches Granu-Kal, a slow release lime pellet

    Triferto launches Granu-Kal, a slow release lime pellet. Granu-Kal dissolves slowly and gradually raises the pH in the soil to the desired level, with minimum interference to the soil life. Granu-Kal is characterised by very good storage conditions, a hard pellet and is not susceptible to degradation due to moisture. This makes the product ideal for export.

  • 2015: Triferto develops HUMICoat

    HUMICoat is a unique humic acid coating which is applied to granulated fertilizers during blending. Each pellet has a humic acid coating, the end product is free of dust and the spreading properties are comparable with those of a straight product. The humic acids enhance the availability of nutrients in the soil.