From soilto life

From soil to life

How food is perceived, how it affects our health and how it is produced, in terms of its environmental impact for example, are becoming increasingly important factors on the European market. That means the sector has to create a stronger link to both the market and the environment. It is not just about high-quality products, but also high-quality production methods. Triferto is responding to these developments with its innovation and product development activities, which focus on fertilizer efficiency. 

Linking the food chain

Ever more stringent usage standards within current fertilization policy are reducing the quantities of nitrogen and phosphate used for fertilization. However, the needs of crops have not changed. Good fertilization technology is therefore required that optimises nitrogen and phosphate use. This will lead to a reduction in the sale of fertilizers in North-West Europe, but also presents an opportunity to resolve a serious fertilization issue: fertilizers will need to become more efficient. We are making this possible by investing in product development and research and sharing this knowledge with links in the chain, such as the potato-processing, dairy and compound-feed industries, as well as with crop advisers and agronomists. In this way we are taking responsibility for ensuring sustainable food production. This chain philosophy is expressed in our motto ‘From soil to life’.