Fertilizer consult

A substantiated recommendation for the right fertilizer blends. That is what we deliver after a fertilizer consult. In this one-on-one live conversation (via MS Teams, Skype or WhatsApp) we will discuss the following topics:

  • Your exact needs; based on crops, soil, and cultivation methods.
  • Your yield target, irrigation methods and nutrients export.

Volume reduction of fertilizers brings efficiency

Our fortified blends of fertilizers bring you at least 15 – 30% volume reduction and all the benefits that come with that, such as:

  • Savings on transport and storage. Due to volume reductions a significant amount of money can be saved. USD 40 to 50 per MT of fertilizer is spent on forwarding charges, local, transportations among islands, riverine transport, and land transport. These costs are normally hidden under various charges; hence this is where the opportunity arises!
  • Savings on labour.  For example, in one palm oil plantation we realised a saving of 75% by optimising the fertilizer application.
  • Fertilize plants according to their needs.  Due to our uniform granule size and the fact that all necessary nutrients can be administered accurately in one pass, fortified blends are ideal for mechanical spreading and spreading by hand. Another great benefit is that plantations can be sure that every tree receives all the needed nutrients. Not only the primary elements NPK, but also the secondary (Ca, Mg and S) and trace elements.