Novagran NPK Blends


Novagran NPK Fertilizer Blends

Novagran is our high-quality brand for blends in which we only use premium granulated building blocks. In customized blends we also use granulated building blocks, but in Novagran blends we only use uniform building blocks that match 100% in weight and size. With Novagran you can apply the right amount of nutrients and trace elements in one single operation. In the perfect ratio. In any desired compound. The next step in fertilizer blends!

In any desired NPK compound

You can order Novagran in any desired compound. Depending on the amount of nutrients needed per hectare, the ratio of nitrogen, phosphate, potassium, magnesium, calcium and sulphur can be adjusted. Trace elements like boron, zinc and selenium can also be added. In this way you spread all essential elements in one single operation, while you only need small quantities.

The blend calculation

The Triferto Blend programme is an advanced technology for formula management and for calculating the right Novagran blend. Calculations are based on what the crop needs, considering soil data and other (organic) compounds that are relevant. All formulas are customer-specific and stored by Triferto. In that way, formulas can be easily ordered again in future.


Behaves like a straight

With Novagran blends you put all the nutrients right where you want them. The distribution of granules over the field when using a spreader is excellent. Despite many different components, the Novagran blends behave like a straight fertilizer, because every blend consists of uniform granulated building blocks. Unlike the blend compounds of simple fertilizers, such as Urea with MOP, the building blocks in Novagran have a comparable granule diameter and specific weight.

Adding trace elements

As well as the macro elements, crops also require a few trace elements (for legislation purposes referred to as micronutrients) for optimum growth. When soil quantities or availability is not sufficient for crop-growth, these micronutrients can be added to Novagran.

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