The fertilizing formula for potatoes requires the same ratio of nitrogen and phosphorus (phosphate), combined with and higher level of potassium. As a good balance of trace elements is needed, we like to go the extra mile and our proud to introduce Novagran Potato.

Novagran Potato is our special physical blend that contains some extra chlorine to stimulate the absorption of vital calcium. For the shelf life of potatoes, this absorption is very important as calcium helps to prevent diseases and blue spots on the potatoes. The result? A premium, tasteful product.

Novagran Potato is a high-quality physical blend, which has a far more concentrated formula than competing products. Because of this, we can reduce up to 15-20% in volume. That’s good news for your wallet, your logistics ánd the environment. A win-win!

Every plantation has different requirements and needs. Together with you, we’ll work on a custom-made solution. We already have lots of experience with potato farms in South-East Asia, North Africa, and Europe and our happy to share our great results with you!


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