Palm oil


Palm oil

Palm oil trees require a well-balanced formula containing a lot of potassium We’ve developed a special NPK formula 11-7-35 with magnesium, silver and significant amounts of boron which are all very important for palm oil trees. The micronutrient boron is not only essential for the growth of trees, but also for the quality of palm oil itself.

Novagran Palm Oil is a premium physical blend of essential elements. It’s a highly concentrated formula, of which only small amounts are needed. This allows Novagran Palm Oil to be administered accurately in one pass. This prevents unnecessary driving tracks, time, money and up to 15-20% reduction in volume. How sustainable do you want to be?

Palm oil tree needs a specialized fertilizer blend in every life stage.

  • Year 1: starter right after planting
  • Year 2-3: juvenile
  • Year 3-5: puberty
  • Year 5 and older: mature

No plantation is the same. Depending on your requirements, location, and needs, we formulate a tailor-made blend for every life stage of the palm oil tree. As we are achieving excellent results at several plant oil plantations in West Africa, we are happy to share our expertise and experiences with you.


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