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From soil to life… for future generations too

The global population is growing, but the amount of farmland is declining. We are doing all we can to make sure that soil is as fertile as possible for optimal crop growth so that there is enough food not only now, but also in the future. Sustainable food production is the starting point. We are making this possible by investing in product development and research and by sharing this knowledge with our chain partners, such as the potato-processing, dairy and compound-feed industries, crop advisers and agronomists. Our story? From soil to life.

A solution to every fertilization issue

Besides a range of innovative fertilization concepts, we also offer a customized blend composed of the fertilizers of your choice. In addition, we enhance the value of fertilizers with additives which, among other things, improve nitrogen efficiency and thus reduce the environmental impact.

More than 1,200,000 tonnes of fertilizers reach farmyards every year through our strategically located storage and transfer sites in Northwestern Europe. With our capacity to store in excess of 300,000 tonnes, we ensure that our products reach their destination anywhere in the world quickly and efficiently, even during the peak season. To achieve this, we work with reliable partners in road transport and shipping.

Member of Meststoffen Nederland

We are a member of Meststoffen Nederland. Meststoffen Nederland is the interest group for the fertilizer industry in the Netherlands. It represents producers, importers, wholesalers and suppliers of mineral fertilizers. Together we account for about 95% of the revenue from mineral fertilizers in the Netherlands.

Triferto, at a glance

  • International wholesaler in mineral fertilizers
  • Smart fertilization solutions for sustainable agricultural and food production
  • 100% family business; part of Brokking Holding
  • More than 85 dedicated and passionate employees
  • Export operations in over 55 countries
  • In excess of 300,000 tonnes of storage capacity spread over 12 sites in Northwestern Europe

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Whether you want fertilization advice or have another (technical) question, our colleagues will be happy to help. 

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