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CAN Sulfur 24N+ 12SO3 Triferto Fertilizers

Novagran Blends

N: 24 %  

Fertilizing has now become a science. On your pasture land or arable crops you want to apply the right quantities of nutrients and trace elements. Does this mean that you will have to go round with the fertilizer spreader for each element? Not if you use Novagran. With this unique line of combined fertilizers from Triferto you can spread all the elements in a single operation. In the perfect ratio. In any desired compound.


EC-FERTILIZER: Mixture: N Fertilizer (+Ca+S) 24 (8,5+12) : 24% Nitrogen Total (N), 13,5% Ammoniacal Nitrogen (NH4), 10,5% Nitric Nitrogen (NO3), 8,5% Calcium oxide (CaO), 12% Water soluble Sulphurtrioxide (SO3), - Ammonium nitrate-N: 24%