Specialist in fertilization

Agriculture faces the challenge of continuing to reduce even further the environmental impact and meeting growing global demand for food. Triferto supports its growers and advisers with agronomic expertise and provides economically viable fertilization concepts in line with law and legislation. 

We are keen to share our knowledge of fertilizers

The right nutrients in the right place. This is the key focus when it comes to fertilization of crops. For good yields and quality products the required minerals must be added to the soil. With the right nutrients in the perfect ratio. For livestock farming, arable farming and also horticulture. This calls for fertilizing expertise. Which minerals do crops and soil require, in which ratio, do the fertilizers satisfy environmental requirements and how can we get them efficiently in the right place? These are questions our fertilization specialists deal with every single day. We are keen to share the agronomic expertise within our organisation with our suppliers and retailers. Our advisers support retailers in the field and provide answers to any fertilization-related questions.

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